Studio Matrix is a digital marketing agency specialising in web design, mobile sites and apps, SEO, social networking and branding. Studio Matrix designed and developed the eShopGiver website and the current website for eShopGiver’s sister site, TravelGiver, which was successfully re-launched in September 2014.
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eShopGiver is the sister site to the already highly successful TravelGiver, which works in the same way but with travel booking partners instead of retail brands. Since its official launch in August 2013, TravelGiver has helped hundreds of travellers book anything from local flights to international holidays and has expanded from 40 projects in four countries to over 300 in 50 countries, giving travellers a greater choice of where their money goes.

The book that sparked the initial concept of TravelGiver and shared its research and contacts to help launch this website.

A collection of short stories about people and projects that are making a difference, sprinkled with fascinating facts about Cambodia.

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