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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

USD$5 pays a days salary for certified well drilling technician

Water For Life (2006) is a NEDO (The Norwegian Educational Development Organization) project providing education, know how and technology for clean drinking water in rural areas. The organization focus on providing high quality and low maintenance solutions with appropriate long term maintenance plans. ??

Water based diseases causes huge health problems in Cambodia. More than 80% of serious stomach illnesses and premature deaths are caused by water born diseases. By providing access to cheap or free drinking water, and by providing basic education on hygiene and healthcare, its possible to reduce risks dramatically. 

Through funding from sponsoring corporations, local charity work, collaboration with Trailblazers Foundation (US Charity) and but not least volunteer workers,  NEDO can provide free access to clean drinking water to villages in rural areas of Siem Reap. Community training, and basic hygiene and healthcare education plays an important part of the project. The Water Filter Project was initiated in 2006 and now (August 2010)  serves more than 7.500 children and adults

NEDO was founded by Ken Oishi (born in Oslo Norway, 1972) in 2006. He is currently working as a volunteer for NEDO in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Average cost of a proper pump well and bio sand filter station is $600, including lab testing of water quality, follow up and maintenance, and a water quality control plan for 3 years. This station provides drinking water for up to 30 people per day. - $5 Pays for 1 month of maintenance and water quality control of one station.

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