Empower 20 Orphans and Vulnerable Girls Living in Kibera

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Helping Community Development, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 means providing nutritional care and support for 20 girls.

IDEWES is currently providing a comprehensive care and support program that sustains 20 girls living in Kibera. The package comprises of shelter, protection, psychological, education, economic and nutrition support. The 20 girls were recruited from the orphans and vulnerable children program where we support 1850 children. After a successful child status indexing, we managed to recruit these 20 girls due to their vulnerable state where they were worse off than others. 
IDEWES has been mobilising for resources locally and international in order to cater for this package which is costly. IDEWES intends to increase this number to 30 as from our assessment findings, the status of some children have deteriorated due to the transfer of their caregiver ownership.

We intend to provide food baskets to 20 girls that consist of 1 litre cooking oil, 2KGs flour, 1KG sugar and 20KGs beans.

This project can be visited anytime from Jan to December from 8am to 7PM. It takes 15 minutes from Nairobi CBD using a taxi. Please contact Paul Mboya +254728838411 or [email protected]. Our office is located 100 meters from the Langata Distict Commissioners office, Kibera - Nairobi.

What To Bring

Any nutritional or educational material support is highly appreciated.

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