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Helping Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

We could provide classroom supplies to each of our participants with $5USD.

Location Hanoi, Vietnam

We are Children of Peace International, a not-for-profit organization working in Vietnam since 1993.

Since 2007, we, a group of educators from Vietnam and USA joined together and conduct a three-day Capacity Building Workshops in Vietnam. We have held workshops in Hanoi, Hue and Vinh Long twice each year. Our workshops are designed for Teachers and Caregivers and they focus on the subject "Early Childhood Development".

These workshops give our audiences insights on the subjects of Self-Esteem, Nutrition for Young Life, Play and Learn, Healthy Beginning, Healthy kids, Healthy minds and Emergency Care for children.

We are all volunteer our time for the workshops, but we need funding for printing supplies, education games, travel expenses and three lunches for our pupils. It costs $50/person not including hotel stays, and $100/person including hotel stays.

We could provide workbooks, printing supplies, pens, pencils and folders for each participant who joins our workshop.

We have our workshop during weekdays and weekends. If travellers would like to visit and join our session, please contact [email protected]

If travellers want to join us at our lunches, we would appreciate to know ahead of time so that we can prepare food for everyone.

What To Bring

Small gifts for women such as small lotion, lip balm, notebooks etc. Our teachers are very poor and they often do not have enough money for "luxury" personal items such as these.

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