Take 100 Waste Pickers Out of Poverty

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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

A day's wages for two waste pickers.

Location New Delhi, India

Every week, urban India produces a mound of garbage that weighs twice as much as the Empire State building. The only processing is done by waste pickers and their children who find and sell recyclable scraps, working in streets and landfills, earning less than $2 a day. We will transform the lives of 100 of these waste pickers in India by building an environmental waste management cooperative capable of processing 80% of waste for profit.

We made history by creating the first waste picker-owned fully integrated municipal waste system in India, in Osmanabad. We will now spread this system across India, training waste pickers to collect and segregate garbage door-to-door to produce compost and recyclable plastic pellets - growing their income from $45 to $135 per month. In the process of gaining ownership and dignified financial independence, a waste picker also prevents 120 tons of CO2 equivalent from harming the climate.

The waste picker cooperative will triple their incomes, allow their children the time to go to school, permanently break the cycle of poverty and establish environmental practices that prevent harmful greenhouse gases. This will also demonstrate to 25 Indian municipalities contemplating adopting Waste Ventures' blueprint that a low-cost environmentally-friendly solution that creates employment for the poor is possible!

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Two waste pickers earn three times their previous daily income, are provided a safe place to work, and are empowered as environmental service professionals instead of destitute scrap pickers working in dumpsites.

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