Planting Trees for Orangutans

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Helping Animals, Community Development, Environment, Agriculture
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Will plant an indigenous seedling and nurture it for 4 years.

Over the last 25 years, almost half of Sumatra's forests have been lost or degraded, including vast tracts of the Gunung Leuser National Park. These forests are vital for the survival of orangutans and other critically endangered species such as Sumatran tigers, elephants and rhinos, and around four million people depend on the Leuser Ecosystem for crucial ecological services.

Our tree planting projects offer local people in Sumatra a way of supporting their families whilst preserving and restoring the rainforest. We set up organic tree nurseries and forestry centres near degraded forest areas, and provide reforestation training for communities. In one area, when the rainforest was replaced with an oil palm plantation the rivers and wells dried up, and the villagers’ crops failed. 

The detrimental effects of deforestation are clear, but strong roots in the community are absolutely essential for this work to succeed, and the groups we work with have become the guardians of the forests, protecting the area from future encroachment. This project focuses on rehabilitating degraded land within the Leuser Ecosystem, and we have already planted more than 1 million trees.

We will plant an indigenous rainforest tree seedling in Sumatra and nurture it for four years, helping it grow into a mighty tree, providing food and a nesting spot for orangutans and other wildlife.

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