Project Proposal on Orphans Socioeconomic Empowerment Centers in Tanzania

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Helps to pay school fees, uniforms and other scholastic materials

The overall objective of this project is to create an enabling environment for the youth of Tanzania so that they can be self-dependent, contribute to the development of the area and be an active participant in development effort of the nation. Specific objectives are to inculcate entrepreneurial skill in the youth and most vulnerable children (Orphans), to make youth/ orphans self-employed and initiate the youth to be engaged in sporting activities. Major activities in here are training the youth on entrepreneurial skill, soap making skills, handcraft tourism making products, establishing printing press industry, establishing a recreation and business center, providing revolving fund and providing sporting materials for the youth. Total budget needed for the project is $450,000USD. The project duration is from January 2014 to Dec 2015. The direct beneficiaries of the project are 284 youngsters where as the youth of Iringa town as a whole is indirect beneficiaries. Expected outputs are 370 youth obtained training in entrepreneurial skill, 250 orphans obtained scholastic materials, 1 youth recreation & business center established, 1 established printing press industry, 1 established orphans soap making and handcraft industry, 170 youngsters obtained revolving fund on credit basis and 250 youngster obtained sporting materials.

Would purchase clothes, blankets, mosquito nets, food, medication care, construct orphans center and motivate the school dropout, child labour and neglected girl children to get back to the formal school by giving psychologically and physically training.

Any time the project can be visited since CCDO projects are operated in transparency and openness manner and it encourages visitors to come to work with us.

What To Bring

Any school kits, metal work tools, printing press machine, books for our library, radio equipment, camera for video production and studio establishment, clothing, blanket, teaching material aid, cash/ money, school furniture, and hospital laboratory equipment for our health centre.

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