Help 17 Nepali Orphans Feed and Go To School

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Helping Children, Education, Hunger
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

USD $5 buys a pair of plastic shoes and socks.

There is an orphanage entitled Sarita Children Home at Samakhusi in Kathmandu, Nepal. A 45 year old unmarried woman Sarita Khandka has been running it by collecting donations for six years. Now there are 17 orphaned, hapless children (7 girls and 10 boys) from 4 to 13 years old. For some months Sarita has been suffering from back ache and taking medicine. She has been unable collect more money and feed them, as well as pay for their school bills and other administrative cost.

This project will help collect donations from private donors, charitable organizations and individuals to help Sarita feed her 17 orphaned and helpless children and pay for their school education bills medical bills, house rent as well as other maintenance costs and help run the organization smoothly.

USD $5 will help provide a pair of plastic shoes and socks for a kids to go to school for about two months.

You can visit it at any time. please contact Mohan Kumar Kafle (Chairman - Community Development Centre), Kathamndu Nepal, Phone: 00977 (01) 4015667, Mobile: 9841265228, [email protected] or Skype ID: mohan.kafle75. Visit our webisteWe are always ready to welcome you.

What To Bring

If possible, please bring books, pens, pencils, clothes, school bags, shoes, socks etc.

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