Sunrise Children's Villages

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A months supply of rice for a child.

The Sunrise Children's Villages are three orphanages located in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The Australia Cambodia Foundation started in September 1993, following the first visit by Geraldine and a friend in 1993. The orphanages are now known as Sunrise Children's Villages and they care for hundreds of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged Cambodian children. Our third Sunrise Children's Village in Sihanoukville is generously sponsored by Computershare, Australia, through its worldwide Change a Life, staff giving program, for which we are very grateful. This centre gives love, a home, medical care and education to more than 200 HIV affected children.

Your support of these orphanages through child sponsorship is an amazing gift that continues to give life, hope, education, health and a future to those who had nothing.

A months supply of rice for a a child supplying them with the nutrition there bodies require.

To visit the centre, which is in the countryside about 20 kilometres south from the capital, depart from Phnom Penh in a southerly direction along Norodom Boulevard. Go past the Independence Monument keeping south on Norodom Boulevard. Continue past the Monivong Bridge and keep on going until you reach Ta Khmao town. Cross the river and go through the town to the roundabout. Go round the roundabout and take the road after Road No 2. This is Route 21 in the direction of he town of Sa'ang. The Sunrise Children's Village is 7.5 kilometres from the roundabout. It is on the right hand side of the road and there is a sign outside. Should you get lost call our Manager, Mr Soksan on 012 900 263.

What To Bring

All donations are welcome and appreciated; However we ask visitors not to give any individual gifts to children. Gifts will be brought to the office to be distributed to children later as a group so as to avoid jealousy.

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